The enlargement of the manufacturing-area by extension was started in springtime.
The RUNAWERK has been ISO DIN EN 9001:2008 certificated by Germanischen Lloyd SE.
The digital-print was enlarged by Océ Arizona flat bed press system.
The RUNAWERK installed a photo-voltaic-system on the roof.
The spectrum was upgraded with digital-print by Roland LEC 330.
Marking laser with four CNC axes.
New CNC sheet metal machining centre.
Expansion of milling capacities thanks to state-of-the-art CNC milling centres.
Certification and approval as supplier to leading aviation companies.
Introduction of RPS (RUNA production system) as QM system.
Expansion of production area to 1300 m². Construction of and relocation to new production hall on the Neuer Höltigbaum industrial park in Hamburg Rahlstedt.
Change of name to RUNAWERK under owner Dipl-Ing. T. Curic e. Kfm. Expansion of vertical integration for metal sheet parts and front panels through pick-and-place. Entire housing systems are now mass produced for customers and delivered. Enhancement of market position as a supplier to the electronics market, engineering industry, medical engineering, measurement and control engineering and communication technology sectors, as well as the aviation industry. We have achieved consistent growth over the last seven years.
New managing partner Dipl.-Ing. T. Curic. Sheet metal processing is gaining in importance. Complex precision sheet metal parts are being mass produced using CNC punching technology and CNC edging technology.
Expansion of vertical integration with screen printing and lacquering. Implementation of the under eloxal screen printing process and specialising in lacquering technology to meet the requirements of the Federal Armed Forces/Navy/aviation industry.
Change of name to RUNA-Werkstätten Schilder Stempel Siebdruck GmbH. Managing Director Mr. Joachim Schlatermund.
Chiefly production of device front panels for shipping, marine communications, medical appliances and industry. Thanks to the advent of CNC technology in the 1980s, the production of engraved and printed front panels is being expanded.

Change of name to RUNA-Werkstätten Dänicke&Thieme Gravuren und Stempel. Production of tape measures, dip sticks and plates for commercial shipping.

Company established in Hamburg Wandsbek as an engraver and stamp manufacturer. Merchandiser: Richard Thieme, master engraver: Wilhelm Dänicke, primary field: manufacture of gold contact plates for the cigarette and paper industry.

Dipl.-Ing. T. Curic e. Kfm.
Oldenfelder Bogen 31
22143 Hamburg
Telephone:  +49 (0)40 411 896-0
Fax:            +49 (0)40 411 896-22
E-mail:         info@runa.de