Our key competitive edge is:
Leading through quality.

For us that means "zero defect target". We are convinced that, thanks to top quality processes, we can achieve predictable, stable and controllable results at all times.

Our production processes are designed to avoid defects from the outset, hence producing consistently reliable, high-quality products. We see quality as "meeting the requirements of our customers".

"Quality is the reason the customer comes back, not the product!"
Our integrated RUNA Production System (RPS) guides us in making our products and components and gives us orientation in our daily activities.

Where do we employ the production system?
Although the RUNA Production System can be, and is intended to be, applied across all areas and applications of our company, its main objective is to create added value (known as "Gemba" in Japanese) through implementation in production. The processing of raw material through various stages to produce an end product creates value in production. That's why the implementation of the production system should start at the production stage. This approach maximises the use of time and services for all those involved. Administration, planning and indirect departments must organise their activities so as to achieve a problem-free value creation process in production.

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