We produce front panels in all shapes and sizes and from all materials. Whether you want aluminium, stainless steel, plastic or sheet metal — our highly-trained specialist are sure to deliver you only the best quality. Unlike our competitors, all our lacquering work and screen printing is done in-house. That's how we guarantee fast production, optimised quality control and improved delivery reliability.

We supply:
• Front panels, individual in shape, surface and size, as well as front panels for 19 " assemblies.

• Vandal-proof design, mechanically stable and resistant marking, e.g. under eloxal screen printing, laser marking or as deep engraving with individual colours.

• Front panels especially fitted and formed for your casing

• Specially tailored to your housing and curved front panels.

• On request, we treat surfaces by lacquering, chromating, anodising, nickel-plating, silver-plating or gold-plating, to produce reverse chromated and electrically conductive (EMC) materials.

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22143 Hamburg
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